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Test drive

Test drive supercars  Maranello

If your passion has always been to sprint on supercar unique and timeless, so you can drive on of  the best Ferrari, it's what's right for you !
With our support you can have drive a fantastic opportunity to realize your dream!
You can choose to drive one of these wonderful Ferrari cars : Ferrari F430, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 575M, Ferrari 355 GTS Turbo, Ferrari 599 GTB, and finally the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia ..to Maranello
the town where she was born years ago ... the legendary Enzo Ferrari, the symbol for excellence of Italian cars .
You can choose to drive for as long as you on the streets of Maranello, with an expert at your side assistant that will allow you to unravel the hidden secrets of the Ferrari beautiful car .

The guide will be preceded by a short theoretical briefing that will help you take proper guidance of the vehicle, and then you are free to push the accelerator and enjoy this wonderful experience.
What are you waiting to realize the wish of a lifetime and a unique experience? Spoiled once in a while!
Availability: every day (Monday to Sunday) from 9.30 to 19.00
The participant must have 21 years old with a regular driver's license or driving license with  INTERNATIONAL validity  .
At the finish you can request the video recording of camera-car .
Shipping a casket GIFT BOX with Ferrari gadgets and program of the day
(*) Activity test drive is not organized by Ferrari .
The service is provided by licensed operators with car hire.
The tour takes place on the road, not on the track, and therefore is subject to all rules and speed limits in the rules of the road.

for informations and details contact us .
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