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Incentive Tour

Cars :

Ferrari F458 Challenge competition
V8 engine
F1 electro-twin-disc clutch
Braking system made ​​with carbon-ceramic technology
4500 Displacement Max Power: 570 hp

Ferrari F430 Challenge / GT CUP
Engine: 8 cylinder V90 ° 4.308 cm3
Maximum torque: 465 Nm
(47.4 kgm) at 5250 rpm
Maximum power: 360.4 kW
(490 hp at 8500 rev / min)
Maximum speed:> 310 km / h
Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 4,1s

Ferrari F360 Challenge GT CUP
V8 engine - 90 °
6-speed F1 electro-
Chassis and aluminum body
Displacement 3600
Maximum power: 400 hp Kg. 1,200

Incentive Tour

Dedicated to companies in search of excitement , the privilege of experiencing sensations unique and unmatched.
Choose an event organized by "Pierre Events" means having at its disposal a team trained in the management and promotion of sporting events with high-level motorsport contents. Our packages, in collaboration with the well-known restaurants and wineries will be paired wine tours and tours to discover the area, cuisine, culinary excellence..
Some examples are:
- Tour MotorValley
- Tour the hills of Bologna
- Driving on circuits
The circuits:
With these new programs, Pierre Events, offers his guests the opportunity to live exciting experiences with Challange cars racing with a professional drivers.
Experience the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari challenge, wear the helmet and get all 'inside of the car with a roll-bar and all the electronics race with an expert pilot, as well as make you feel an emotion memorable, will be able to give indications regarding trajectories, and braking control of the car in extreme situations .
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